Common Misconceptions about Importing Products from China

Chinese products are now available everywhere in the world. It is exciting as well as fearsome for customers. People get lower prices compared to the local suppliers when they import goods from China directly. Also for business purpose, people get a pretty good wholesale rate if they directly import goods from China. But sometimes people get cheated from the Chinese suppliers. The product does not match the specification or promised quality, the product does not reach the destination etc. happens with the customers. For example import from china to Australia can be a very tough task if the customer does not know the limitations of the Chinese market. Here are some myths and problems about the Chinese market people usually think of:

Limited Payment Options: There is a common myth that Chinese businesses does not use the modern methods of money transfer. But the truth is with time Chinese businesses has changed. There was a time when Chinese suppliers did not use any secure method. They used bank transfers, or simply western union money transfer system. Those methods were costly and unsafe. But the new generation Chinese businessmen allows PayPal and other similar online payment system. So buying from China has become one of the safest now. Also, there are websites who offer buyer security options. So the buyer can simply cancel the payment if the seller does not provide the products as promised.

Cheating: Another myth is that Chinese suppliers will cheat a person once the payment is done. But the truth is Chinese suppliers are good if they get a good reaction from the buyer. And the process is secured so the supplier cannot simply take the money and go away. The Chinese government has made restrictions for the worldwide buyers. A reliable manufacturer looks for reputation. So the buyer should choose a supplier who has a long time reputation in the business. And if the product does not satisfy the needs the buyer can simply ask for a refund.

Communication: This claim is somewhat true. Most of the time people face communication problems while dealing with Chinese suppliers. But Chinese businesses have employed English speaking people to solve this problem. However, sometimes some people still face difficulties in buying good from a supplier who does not know English and does not have the ability to afford an extra business employee. Also, their percentage of using internet based communication like Yahoo, Gmail, Skype etc. has been increased. Most of the business person in China use Skype now. So the buyer can simply communicate with the supplier about information, price quotation, payment methods etc.

Product quality: There is a myth that Chinese products are not of good quality. The truth is China can produce goods at a cheaper rate as they have cheap labor available to use. Also, they have the environment structure to make the businesses successful. So China can provide the best quality available in the market within the price point.

These are the common misconceptions about importing products from China.